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Wondai State School is a rural school from Prep to Year 9. Our community is focused on our beliefs, known widely as "YES!" That is, You can do it, Expect success and School is cool. These three beliefs drive our curriculum, our results and our positive learning culture. In this way, our vision of "every child learning every day in every way" is achievable.

Every student at Wondai State School has personalised learning goals for Reading and Number, known as their "HOT SHOT". These goals support the student's continuous progress throughout each year, and ongoing years. Learning milestones are celebrated, keeping learning as our number one priority for Wondai students! In 2015, every student will have their own target for GOOD CHOICES (behaviour) and ACE (Attendance Counts Every-day). Students with Individual Plans will have the opportunity to achieve their targets at their own pace.

Our BIG 4 PRIORITIES are our CORE BUSINESS. (See table below.) By staying relentlessly focused on these, our school will be a high performing school in every way! We constantly refer to the word HOT – that is, Hitting Our Targets!! This reflects our daily focus where we ensure every child is always striving to improve. Our target of 95% attendance is to support every child maximising their learning progress. . . read more




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